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IMT Mines Alès scientific publications portal

Through this portal, you can access the last scientific publications of our Research Units :

Also find the previous publications of C2MA (Centre des Matériaux des Mines d’Alès) (1996-2019)

Also find the previous publications of LGEI (Laboratoire de Génie de l’Environnement Industriel) (1995-2020)

Also find the previous publications of LGI2P (Laboratoire de génie informatique et d'ingénierie de production) (1995-2020)

Open Science at IMT Mines Ales

The principle of free access to scientific publications is at the heart of IMT Mines Ales research policy : « make science and its applications progress, keep a high level of expertise to teach our students at the best level and contribute to knowledge transfer towards businesses and society ».

In accordance with the latest european and national requirements regarding Open Science, IMT Mines Ales portal aims at :

  • Giving access to the scientific publications of its researchers, research teams and laboratories, to the academic community as well as to the industrial sector and to society.
  • Contributing to the preservation and archival of the french scientific research.
  • Giving to researchers the opportunity to handle their own publications and authors’ public profile easily.

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